30 Healthy Watermelon Recipes PLUS 6 Fun Watermelon Crafts

30 Watermelon Recipes

Summer is finally upon us! One of our favorite summertime treats is WATERMELON! Love, love, love the stuff. We know that we plan to eat it all summer long, and you should, too. To make it even easier and more fun (if that’s possible!), try this Watermelon Slicer.

Watermelon Slicer

The video below shows you exactly how easy and fun it is to use. Melon with less mess and faster to the plate and to your belly. That’s what were talking about!

Watermelon gives healthy doses of vitamins A, B6 and C, amino acids, antioxidants and a ton of good ol’ H2O, there are so many reasons to just say yes to watermelon. And now, with the watermelon recipes below, you have 15 more reasons. Try each and every one, and let us know what you think!


Watermelon Cucumber Mint Infused Water

photo credit: chelsea cohen

1. Watermelon Cucumber Mint Water

Enjoy this simple 4-ingredient refresher pool-side or even printer-side at the office. This infused water whips up in a snap and brings great flavor to a boring H2O bev!

Watermelon Mint Cooler

photo credit: yunhee kim

2. Watermelon Mint Cooler

This 3-ingredient cooler is fantastic on a hot day! Super simple to make – just make sure you have good quality, healthy lemonade, we like this one from Texanerin.

Watermelon Agua Fresca

photo credit: iowagirleats

3. Watermelon Agua Fresca

Delicious and refreshing agua fresca, which translates to “fresh water”. Watermelon, lime, mint and water. Consider replacing the water with sparkling water for an effervescent kick. (Notes say to add agave or powdered sugar to sweeten if needed, but we recommend maple syrup or honey for a lower-glycemic, less processed take. Translation = healthier for you!)

Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

photo credit: gormandeinthekitchen

4. Naturally Sweetened Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

Where do lemonade, raspberries and watermelon become best friends? In this cool cooler – and soon enough, in your belly! Try with the suggested coconut water for an electrolyte-powered, thirst-quenching boost. Just one cup contains a whopping 600mg potassium! Swap this out for your kid’s Gatorade – they’ll love it!

Paleo Watermelon Berry Smoothie

photo credit: cookeatpaleo

5. Paleo Watermelon Berry Smoothie

Break out that blender and get whirring! This no-sweetener-added smoothie makes a scrumptious fruity breakfast or mid-day snack. Enjoy!


Watermelon Vinaigrette

photo credit: thehealthyfamilyandhome

6. Clean Eating Watermelon Vinaigrette

Vin is in! Vinaigrette is the hip and healthy way to dress up your salads in any season. Did you know that vinegar’s tart flavor doesn’t just wake up your taste buds–it contains electrolytes that boost energy and help you hydrate? This sweet and sassy combo will titillate your tongue with a surprise apple cider twist! For another great vin spin, try our Champagne Vinaigrette for a fancy, sparkling refresher!

Watermelon Salsa

photo credit: gimmesomeoven

7. Watermelon Salsa


Fruit salsas are a refreshing spin on the classic veggie-laden condiment. Add another level of sophisticated to this flavor companion of all things crunchy and savory! This version is refreshing and delicious and works perfectly over grilled chicken or on fish tacos. Yum!

Watermelon Jerky

photo credit: dashofbutter

8. Watermelon Jerky

Whaaat?!? Yes. If there ever were such a thing as too much watermelon, then jerky is your solution! Remember that time you bought a GIANT watermelon for the BBQ, only to have 10 other people had do the same? Melon jerky has you covered – deliciously, deliciously covered. Yum!

Watermelon Fruit Leathers

photo credit: domesticallyblissful

9. Watermelon Fruit Leathers

When this easy, inexpensive and craving-conquering munchie shows up in the lunchbox at school…or the office…or the gym…or anywhere…just be warned you’ll be asked for this recipe so often you might start packing copies with your meals. In this version, we prefer it honey-sweetened for a healthier treat you’ll be happy to give your kiddos.

Pickled Watermelon Rind

photo credit: thedomesticman

10. Pickled Watermelon Rind

Waste not, want not. These pickled snacks are a great way to get the most out of your fruit. Pickle the rind in just 5 days and get more from your food. Yum!

Watermelon Feta Skewers

photo credit: katie sweeney

11. Watermelon Feta Skewers

Finger foods are always in demand at garden parties and we’re always on the lookout for new things to skewer. Marinated kebabs? A staple. Grilled veggies? Naturally. Summer salad on a stick? Why not! And if you love these, check out our Spiraled Cucumber Greek Salad.

Watermelon Gazpacho

photo credit: the blender girl

12. Watermelon Gazpacho

Chilled soups were a thing way back when silverware was actually silver, corsets and three-piece suits were proper dinner attire and live-in chefs were on demand. However, this sweet and tangy gazpacho tastes like a million bucks without the effort! Delish!

Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad

photo credit: forkknifeswoon

13. Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad

Unless you’re very lucky, you probably have memories of slimy, canned or fridge-flavored fruit salads. (A certain grandmother who will remain nameless made it with whipped cream, pink marshmallows and unflavored gelatin.) This is redemption for all those cafeteria afterthoughts and corn-syrup fruit cups we suffered through as kids.

Watermelon Strawberry Tomatillo Salad

photo credit: pickledplum

14. Watermelon, Strawberry and Tomatillo Salad

Tomatillos are also called “tomate verde” in Mexico (which means green tomato) and are a staple in Mexican cooking. Texas gardens sport these tangy little green gems in bonnets of  papery lantern leaves, but if you’ve never personally seen one outside of salsa, skip on over to the local grocery and get acquainted!

Watermelon Mint Feta Salad

photo credit: thekitchn

15. Watermelon Salad with Feta & Mint

Feta usually finds itself in rich or savory dishes, but you haven’t lived until you pair it with watermelon. It’s one of those magical combinations that renews itself in each bite, waking the senses and thrilling the taste buds to the last forkful. And for more fabulous feta foods, try our Green Beans with Feta and Olives. Yum!

Balsamic Watermelon Chicken Salad

photo credit: pinchofyum

16. Balsamic Watermelon Chicken Salad

There are several delicately sweet fruits that take balsamic vinegar to a new level; pears, strawberries, and now watermelon. In this recipe we bring chicken along for the ride for a sumptuous salad that’s sure to please!

Grilled Shrimp Salad with Feta and Watermelon

photo credit: skinnytaste

17. Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon Chopped Salad

This combination of flavors really brings out the bright, clean ocean taste of quality shrimp, so treat yourself to the freshest you can find!

Minted Summer Couscous with Watermelon and Feta

photo credit: thekitchn

18. Minted Summer Couscous with Watermelon & Feta

Did you know watermelon is originally native to tropical Africa? And if you think “tropical” and “Africa” is an exotic juxtaposition, then this summer couscous will definitely send your taste buds to new places!

Marinated Grilled Chicken with Cucumber Watermelon Salsa

photo credit: iowagirleats

19. Marinated Grilled Chicken with Watermelon Cucumber Salsa

If you have had the joy of sipping cool “spa water” loaded with cucumber and citrus slices, that’s the refreshing delight this marinated chicken inspires. Hot off the grill and loaded with cool cucumber watermelon salsa, it’s an endless summer in the tummy.

Seared Scallops with Watermelon Salad and Sparkling Mint Vinaigrette

photo credit: aspicyperspective

20. Seared Scallops on Watermelon Salad with Sparkling Mint Vinaigrette

That’s right, sparkling! This meal is anything but cookie-cutter. (See what we did there?) Looks amazing, tastes better, and plates quickly and easily. Mint and champagne vinegar give it a sparkle on the tongue and glorious color on the table. And for more champagne vinegar goodness, try out our own Champagne Vinaigrette recipe.

Halibut Tacos with Watermelon Salsa

photo credit: heather christo

21. Grilled Halibut Tacos with Watermelon Salsa

Time to indulge in a sizzling Hollywood affair. And what says west-coast summer more than watermelon and fish tacos? Level up your street food and street cred in one delicious meal, and make sure you go fresh or go home!

Coconut Lime Mahi Mahi Tacos with Tequila Soaked Watermelon Salsa

photo credit: halfbakedharvest

22. Coconut Lime Mahi Mahi Tacos with Tequila Soaked Watermelon Salsa

Coconuts. Sure they make great drink-holders and luau daywear…but with a little tequila, Mahi-Mahi, watermelon and this recipe? Your taste buds will be doing the hula.

Tilapia Burgers with Watermelon Salsa

photo credit: howsweeteats

23. Tilapia Burgers with Watermelon Salsa

Tilapia is an inexpensive white-fleshed fish that slurps up flavor in any recipe. Here it is showcased as a light burger alternative loaded with–you guessed it–watermelon salsa! Don’t go light on the lime juice, it’s delicious on fish and brings an extra pop of sweet from the watermelon.


Watermelon Gummies

photo credit: meatified

24. Nourishing Watermelon Gummies

We always want more sweets. And now we can have them, without the guilt!

Mojito Watermelon

photo credit: delish

25. Mojito Watermelon

We prefer a squeeze of honey in place of the sugar for a healthier take. If you’re feeling a little grown-up, also try a splash or two of rum for a real mojito treat!

Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

photo credit: onelovelylife

26. Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles

Two delicious berries–that’s right! Watermelon is a berry, we Googled it–in a smoothie on a stick! If we had a microphone, we’d drop it. Bam.

Watermelon Coconut Sorbet

photo credit: simplysophisticate

27. Watermelon Coconut Sorbet

Reminiscent of cream sodas, bobby socks and poodle skirts, this sorbet can be dressed up or down with mint or a berry reduction–take a bag of frozen berries, defrost in a small saucepan with a dash of rum and drizzle warm over a scoop or two!

Watermelon Sorbet

photo credit: thethingswellmake

28. Watermelon Sorbet

Simple, sweet and no-nonsense. The lime really adds a depth to watermelon that may have you squeezing it on fresh slices forevermore!

Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

photo credit: theprettybee

29. Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

We love this recipe for taste and for the adorable look of the pops. Food should be fun, don’t you think? These sure are! Use honey to taste in place of sugar and enjoy guilt-free.

Watermelon Slushy

photo credit: nerdymamma

30. Easy Watermelon Slushy

This recipe serves four, but we suggest you fill the biggest tumbler you can find with this icy treat, add a tiny umbrella, a giant straw and slurp to your heart’s content! We found we didn’t even miss the sugar when we left it out.


Watermelon Flower Pots

photo credit: darbysmart

1. Watermelon Flower Pots

These are easy enough to do with little ‘uns, and if you have a hair dryer you can speed up the paint’s dry-time and finish several in a single afternoon.

Watermelon Shoes

photo credit: tybounty

2. Watermelon Shoes

The cuteness factor is “très adorable” with this French article, but even without a translatioh, the photos alone are enough to walk you through this project with ease! We recommend Sharpies or acrylic paint markers, just make sure to ask for the ones that don’t wash off!

Watermelon Napkins

photo credit: thesweetestoccasion

3. Watermelon Napkins

Another project the tots can help you with, reminiscent of preschool sponge paintings and potato stamps!

Watermelon Spoons

photo credit: realhousemoms

4. Watermelon Serving Spoons

We’re fans of bargain hunting. From garage sales to dollar stores, you can find a pair of serving spoons just waiting to be transformed by a painter’s touch and a bowl of fruit salad!

Watermelon Mason Jar

photo credit: kastyles

5. Watermelon Mason Jar

There is no such thing as too many crafty mason jar projects. So here’s one more! Try filling it with watermelon jerky for an original hostess gift at the next big get-together?

Watermelon Shirt

photo credit: hgtv

6. Watermelon Shirts

Remember tie-dye? This is so much easier. A simple, sweet design that’ll add a cool slice of summer to the wardrobe. And why stop at a shirt? How about socks? A scarf? Pillow cases? Matching hoodie for the dog? Okay, we might have to pace ourselves.


We hope you enjoyed these watermelon-y treats. Try a few or a few dozen this summer. It’s a great way to stay hydrated! And for more tips on hydration, check out this article. Want more melon recipes? Check out this Arugula, Cantaloupe, and Goat Cheese Salad. Yum!

Get Your Hands on This Bad Boy Just in Time for Summer!

Watermelon Slicer

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