Anti-GMO Activists Shut Down Hollywood Blvd. – March Against Monsanto 2015


“Whose streets? Our streets!” On Saturday May 23rd, protesting permit-less and at risk of arrest, we are proud to say that we took part in shutting down Hollywood Blvd for more than a mile as police drove on, demanding we get back on the sidewalks. “5, 6, 7, 8, we wanna know what’s on our plates!” Our battle cry in solidarity, Los Angeles took the streets as part of an annual worldwide March Against Monsanto. People all across the globe marched in force to protest the company that is manipulating and poisoning our global food supply.


“Monsanto’s Enemy is an Informed Public,” read one of the many signs to be seen carried from Hollywood’s Sunset/Vermont Metro station to LA’s famous Griffith Park at Western and Los Feliz Blvd. Our voices carried to share the news with our community, and across the social media were broadcasted images and stories of the fight against Monsanto. We are doing our part to inform the public.

If you have not yet heard of Monsanto, you have likely heard of GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs are scientific mutations to food seeds caused by changing the genetic codes by splicing them with animal, plant, bacterium or virus genes. The topic is and has been in hot debate as chemical companies such as Monsanto play God with the food that meets our plates, treating the human race like lab rats in the largest science experiment you’ve ever seen. Because GMOs are so under-tested, the health risks to humans, animals and insects are not fully known, but evidence points in the direction of liver and intestinal damage as well as neurological disorders, cancer and even death.

GMO seeds and cultivation are banned in many other countries including New Zealand, Japan and Ireland, but in the United States they are not only completely legal, they continue to be allowed into our food unchecked and unlabeled, even while studies have shown the harmful effects of GMOs.

monsanto-60-countriesIf other countries have found these foods to be dangerous enough to insist upon restricting, labeling or outright banning them, what are we waiting for? Why has our government continued to ignore the evidence and the years of public protesting? While we are focused on the rising obesity rates across the country as well as health epidemics such as cancer, why are we not looking at the rise in GMOs as a possible factor?

Monsanto is the same company that brought NutraSweet to our diet foods, Round Up to our farmland, and rBGH to our milk supply. Not to mention Vietnam era’s Agent Orange tragedy. You can read on about those horrors by clicking through to their respective links.

Looking at the history of products that Monsanto has brought us in the past will show clearly, exactly how dangerous their products are and how they continue to use the people as an ATM machine, pumping their poison for as long as they can until this informed public demands for change. They will continue along the same pattern again and again, with rising illness and death toll until we put a stop to them.

monsanto-gas-mask monsanto-skull

So what can you do? 

  • Buy organic and local and/or grow your own food!
  • Support companies that support the non-GMO movement. To find non-GMO products visit this Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

There is much that can be done and we will succeed in changing the world. In January, Monsanto reported a 34% decrease in earnings just in the first fiscal quarter of the year. Many marched together across the world on May 23rd and we will continue to march by daily choices and efforts toward a happier, healthier world.



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Chelsea Cohen


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