Reservation-Free Valentine’s Day Dinner

A Reservation-Free Valentine’s Day Dinner

You’ve probably heard it: the way to men’s hearts is through the stomach. (This applies to most girls I know, too.) And nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal, especially if it’s healthy and delicious. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day dinner just for you, or two of you, the whole family or the […]

Steak with Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce LG

Steak with Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce

Aside from an apple a day or a glass of red wine with dinner, a few dashes of freshly ground black pepper may be one of the easiest, most economical tips to keep the doctor away! Better yet, the New York Times suggests cooking with red wine still retains all the anti-inflammatory properties that make it a […]

Himalayan Pink Salt

The Benefits of Himalayan Salt over Table Salt

According to Dr. Mercola, Himalayan crystal salt contains all of the 84 elements found in the human body, boasting a myriad of health benefits over conventional table salt and should therefore be the prime choice in salt for your daily diet. Freshly ground pepper has long been a culinary practice in restaurants and kitchens, but freshly ground salt is new to […]


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