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Reservation-Free Valentine’s Day Dinner

A Reservation-Free Valentine’s Day Dinner

You’ve probably heard it: the way to men’s hearts is through the stomach. (This applies to most girls I know, too.) And nothing says I love you like a home-cooked meal, especially if it’s healthy and delicious. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day dinner just for you, or two of you, the whole family or the […]

Valentine's Muffins

Top Ten Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Need some new Valentine’s Day ideas? The St. Valentine’s holiday history is an eclectic mix of flying cherubs from Greece, several Christian clerics named Valentine, forbidden Roman marriages, pagan fertility rights and chaste, courtly love. This year we thought we’d simplify things; skip the long-stem roses, mystery-filling chocolates, mass-produced cards and heart-shaped jewelry for a […]

Melon Ball Ice

VIDEO: Melon Ball Ice

Creating melon ball ice “cubes” is the easiest thing in the world and adds so much flavor and character to anything you use them in. With a simple melon baller and a little bit of freezer time, they are ready to go! They are a great way to chill your drinks and as they start […]

Mandoline Slicer How To Video

How to Use Your Dynamic Chef Mandoline Slicer

Watch this video for an inside look at the mandoline slicer and all the ways you can use it. Inside this video you will find: An overview of your mandoline and its parts. Easy-to-use demonstrations with step-by-step instructions. Tips for recipes and more, including our favorite tip, HOW TO DICE AN ONION IS SECONDS! Don’t […]


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