CSA Unboxing #3

Time for another episode of what’s in the box! Every 2 weeks we post the latest from our bi-weekly organic CSA box. Join us for our third week with our new CSA box. If you aren’t familiar with what a CSA box is, you can find out more about it here. Last time we got a ton of great local organic fruits and veggies and I was inspired to write about all the great things that you can do to really amp up your veggies!

This episode we talk about some great things to do with black grapes and yellow nectarines, plus how to select a good quality green bean and what not to do with tomatoes!

Also, in this episode I mention a cabbage soup recipe that is a delicious and filling way to get tons of greens into your diet. This recipe is a take on the Garden Harvest Soup recipe from Dr. Oz’s You: On A Diet book. My husband and I love, love, love this recipe.

Lastly, I promise you an easy homemade buttermilk ranch dressing recipe that will be your daily go to for simple garden salads. I use this pretty much every day and have been eating salads more and more, which, if you ask my hubby, is quite a feat as I have been known to be very picky in the salads department.

And as always, if you are in a zip code that Farm Fresh To You services, do check them out at FarmFreshToYou.com. Use the coupon code CHEL5299 at checkout to get $10 off your first box. I hope you do and hope you love it like we do!

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Chelsea Cohen


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