CSA Unboxing #4

Another box! I love our CSA box. They help me to be more creative and to stay out of a fruit and vegetable rut by delivering healthy organic produce right to our doorstep. I’m learning more and more about how to select, store and prepare many different things and I love sharing them with you.

This time we received lots of fruits. I talk about how to select the perfect watermelon and what not to do with your peaches to ensure that they don’t end up with a mealy texture.

I also mention a delicious fresh fig and ricotta dessert pizza, which I shared along with some ideas about how to prepare apricots and yellow squash right now. Yellow squash is also fantastic when spiraled into noodles, of course, using our SpiraLife slicer. Get your hands on one now, if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it. We love ours!

Finally, I had a fun little ingredient added to my box this week – champagne vinegar! You may have noticed this delicately delicious item on menus and in food magazines this summer as I have. I have been curious about it and so decided to try some. I mixed up a batch of champagne vinaigrette with this stuff and it is now one of my favorite dressings! I’ll be sharing the champagne vinaigrette recipe in an upcoming post so look out for it! Next to fresh buttermilk ranch, of course.

If you are interested in trying out your own CSA box, give FarmFreshToYou.com a try. Check to see if they deliver in your area, then use coupon code CHEL5299 at checkout for a $10 discount on your first box. Have fun!

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Chelsea Cohen


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