CSA Unboxing #5

Rainbow carrots, heirloom tomatoes and organic plouts! This CSA box let to some very interesting conversation. Like for starters, what actually is a plout. Hint: it’s a fruit hybrid, cross between two fruits you’re actually quite familiar with.

In the process of learning about plouts, it got me to wondering, what exactly is the scientific difference between hybrids and GMOs. Watch the video and I explain just that. It is an important distinction to know.

We also talk about heirloom seeds (what are they?) and the Slow Food Movement. Two things I can totally get behind!

Check out what else we pull out of the box, including a melon and some tips for melon salad prepared with my favorite Champagne Vinaigrette. All in all, this was one of my favorite boxes yet so far as the great discussion points that it brought up. I love this stuff!

Finally, of course, check out FarmFreshToYou.com to learn about getting your own CSA box. See if they deliver to your area, then use the coupon code CHEL5299 for a $10 discount on your first box. Fun! And remember to check out our monthly giveaways page. Even more fun! Enjoy!

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Ari Cohen


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