CSA Unboxing #6

We love local organic produce and clean eating so we always look forward to our CSA box arrival. This week’s box brought us melons, citrus and salad fixings.

I am a big fan of melon and could eat it out of hand without anything added but the good old sweetness from the earth. However, I have been playing around with incorporating them into recipes. This season I had my first taste of watermelon gazpacho and it was divine! Try one of the recipes we found online and shared on our Pinterest account. Don’t forget to follow us (link) there for plenty of healthy recipes, exercises and health tips and inspiration.

This box also provided us with a sweet, juicy cantaloupe so, of course, I made my favorite cantaloupe salad with arugula, goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette. So good!

We also found fresh dill herb in the box and to us that means homemade Healthier Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. Thankfully, we also had lettuce in this batch and I share in the video how to easily prolong the life of your lettuce and let me tell you, it works!

Cucumber arrived as well, which we love to spiral with our SpiraLife vegetable spiralizer and use to replace soba noodles in delicious cold Asian soba noodle salads. Search Pinterest for any of these recipes then replace the soba noodles for a healthy grain free snack.

Whew! A lot of great stuff in the box and an opening to so many fruit and veggie possibilities! If you’d like to receive $10 of your first FarmFreshToYou.com CSA produce box. Check their site to see if they deliver to you, then use coupon code CHEL5299 at checkout. Enjoy!

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Ari Cohen


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