CSA Unboxing #7

This week our CSA box had a lot of fun stuff. We absolutely enjoy sharing our boxes with you each time they arrive and hope you enjoy them as well and all the tips and recipe ideas we have to share.

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Now, to the produce! In this video we share more kitchen tips and recipe ideas. We received some lovely heirloom tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes are just delicious and taste just like a real tomato should. Why is this? Well, in case you missed, we talked in unboxing episode #5 about heirloom and exactly what it is and why it tastes better. Check out that video to learn more.

We got some beautiful figs in this box this week. Figs are just great for making quick but delicious and sophisticated appetizers such as our Fig, Proscuitto & Goat Cheese Bites or a beautiful Ricotta Fig Dessert Pizza. Both are extremely easy to prepare and even easier to devour. Yum!

Lastly, I am so happy to get a chance to share with you one of my favorite cookbooks. We had some Asian pear and fennel in this box and I had such a great time afterward making a salad from Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life. So many of the recipes in this book are wonderful and extremely addictive, and what I love about this cookbook is that each chapter tells a whole story surrounding what each recipe meant to her in her life and paints such a lovely picture. I completely enjoy the simplicity and romance of food through her eyes. I highly recommend her book and her food blog Orangette.

I hope you enjoy this week’s video and some of the recipes on our site. Please do check out some of the great tools that we love use in our own kitchen. Have fun!

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Chelsea Cohen


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