CSA Unboxing #8

Back again for yet another CSA unboxing. Organic fruits and veggies straight to my door? Yes, please! I discover some of the most amazing new treats this way and today was no exception.

Today we discovered an amazing new apple called the Pink Pearl Apple. This is no ordinary apple, my friends. This apple looks like a normal golden apple on the outside, but on the inside? Why, it blushes a beautiful bright pink along the edges! And I have the pictures to prove it to you! Check it out! These would be great as dried apple chips!

Pink Pearl Apple

We also had a little cantaloupe melon in this box, which is just perfect for my favorite Arugula, Cantaloupe and Goat Cheese Salad. Yum!

We talked about grain free taco tips and spiralizing cucumbers for cucumber salad and how to steam an artichoke in only 10 mins. Cool!

So check out the link before for all of the above, plus a few more tips and recipe ideas for getting to most out of your weekly produce. Then, check out our recipes pages for new salad dressings and soup ideas.

And as always, if you are interested in trying out your own CSA box, give FarmFreshToYou.com a try. Check to see if they deliver in your area, then use coupon code CHEL5299 at checkout for a $10 discount on your first box. Enjoy!

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Chelsea Cohen

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