Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Why You Should Care


Food Revolution Day is May 15th and we are working to spread the word!

Most of us are trying in little ways (or in big ways) to eat healthierdrink more water and exercise more. As someone with a family history of diabetes, I am extremely aware of the need for good diet and exercise for my health. As an added heartbeat to my passion for the subject, this year, Food Revolution Day falls on the same day as my mother’s birthday. My mother passed away two years ago, due to complications stemming from diabetes so I know first-hand what it looks like to live with a loved one affected by diet-related health problems.

So what is Food Revolution Day?

The Food Revolution is a global movement led by UK celebrity chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, with the goal to educate the children of the world and to thus change the entirety of our diet and food-scape as well as our understanding of and relationship to food.

Watch this TED Talks video from 2010, where Jamie Oliver shares his message and vision for a food healthy world.

I have always been passionate about food and, in more recent years, in food that helps and heals my body. With the family history I have, the direct effects that I have experienced, and the fact that I love my life, my body and the people around me, remaining healthy is and will always be a life-long focus. To live a happy, active and long life, it is crucial. This is why I support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and why I am sharing it with you.

We owe it to ourselves and the children of the world to change things for the better and permanently. Jamie has made it his life’s mission to reverse the obesity epidemic worldwide through education and social reform. He believes that he can change the world and he’s doing it one success at a time.

“I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”
– Jamie Oliver

To date the efforts of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign have helped to encourage and create food education and healthy eating initiatives the world over, including:

The School Food Plan in England, a plan focused on teaching children to eat better and to bring the habit of healthy diet and the skill of cooking with them into their adult life. It highlights the broad picture understanding that children with healthy eating habits will carry that with them into adulthood and that investing more money into school lunches means saving much more later in the government health care costs. A final point mentioned is that healthy children learn better, a point I can definitely attest to. Growing up, my mother ran a small private school of which I became a teacher early in my adult life. I was able to make direct observations between the behavior of those who ate well and were healthy and energetic and those, conversely, who were not.

Beyond England, the countries of MexicoBrazilJapan and Finland currently have home economics and/or food and nutrition education as a core part of their school curriculum.

Here in the United States, Jamie’s message is echoed in Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative, which is also making strides to ensure a brighter future for our children and our country, with a voracious goal to solve the obesity problem within a generation. The initiative focuses on five pillars recommended by the Task Force of Childhood Obesity.

  1. Creating a healthy start for children
  2. Empowering parents and caregivers
  3. Providing healthy food in schools
  4. Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  5. Increasing physical activity

So as you can see, we are making strides in the right direction which is very exciting. Still there is much to be done.

So what can YOU do?

  • Sign the petition!
    Signing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition means that you support compulsory practical food education in schools across the world. The petition has already been signed by over 769,000 people to date, but more are needed. Sign it and share it.
  • Share this post!
    There are many who have never heard of Food Revolution Day. Spread the word on your favorite social media sites and keep the conversation going.
  • Visit the Let’s Move and Food Revolution action pages.
    Learn how you can get involved in your community, your school and in your own household. Whether it is learning how to cook or teaching someone else to, growing a community vegetable garden or learning easy ways to be more active in your daily life, these sites will point you in the right direction to get moving. One step at a time is what it takes, on an individual level, a community level, and a global level.

Then comment below to tell us what you think about Food Revolution Day and to share some of your personal action steps to help to improve your own health and the health of your family or community. We will continue to share news on the Food Revolution, Let’s Move initiative and other ways that the world is moving in the right direction toward health, activity and a more energetic and fulfilling life.

Live Dynamically!

Chelsea Cohen
Co-Owner, Lifestyle Dynamics


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