Review: Dr. Jen’s Dip Diet

Dr. Jen's Dip Diet

I don’t believe in diets. I never have. I do believe in healthy eating though and that the key to long term health and happiness is a matter of lifestyle choices. This is the very reason we do what we do. Lifestyle Dynamics was created on the philosophy that providing simple, easy to follow and apply lifestyle tools and tweaks can mean the difference between succeeding and failing, being healthy or not, and between living a fulfilled life or feeling there is something missing.

All of the above are the very reasons that I absolutely love and want to recommend Dr. Jen’s Dip Diet book.

So many diets out there have you counting calories, counting carbs, eating chemical-filled sugar-free chocolate cakes and unhealthy fat and sugar substitutes from lord knows where! I have never been able to abide by this way of life. Temporary changes for illusory results. Yo-yo dieting with yo-yo happiness, yo-yo self-esteem.

I was a fit and active child, so in my adult years weight maintenance has been something new for me, something I have had to teach myself late in the game as my activity level decreased along with my metabolism. Now I have played the game and I know how frustrating it is. I have found my way toward a healthier lifestyle on my own but I wished I’d had a book like this one.

Dr. Jen’s Dip Diet is one of the few out there that really embraces the right things, the right types of foods, the right mindset, the right way of approaching your own weight loss and health. The core philosophy behind the diet is: fall in love with vegetables – by any means necessary.

The Dip Diet is all about learning to love real, whole foods, even if that means using dips and dressing with every meal. Better to eat a salad with dressing than to never eat a salad at all. Very simple idea – but the book is so much more.

The book was written by Cognitive Scientist Jennifer Nolan, Ph.D. who has herself struggled with being overweight her entire life. She was a self-described hater of vegetables who has been reborn into a new love for healthy eating – and she has the fantastic before and after pictures to prove it. Having tried nearly every diet out there, this was the only one that has worked for her long term and it is working for others as well.

I first learned of this book when Dr. Jen contacted me through my website. It turns out that she was a customer of our SpiraLife vegetable slicer and wanted to share a bit about it in her book. We were of course honored and were so happy to learn that she had had such success with her weight and her health and that our own slicer had played some little part in it. Jen felt she just had to give back to others some of what she has learned and what has worked for her.

I myself have adopted a page or two (or three) from Dr. Jen’s book. I am not shy to admit that I was a salad-hater. It’s true. Once upon a time, not so long ago, I absolutely hated to eat salads. But now, since reading this book, I have discovered a couple of dressings that I utterly love, and that has been the key for me. My favorites are Homemade Ranch Dressing and Champagne Vinaigrette, and I’m beginning to experiment with others.

This book is such an easy and fast read too, which I find very valuable. When you are looking for solutions to changing your life and health, when you have already tried and failed and tried and failed, you don’t need to be weighted down again with a tome before you can even learn the “rules” of the diet. Cover to cover the whole book is 110 pages full of great information.

As a little side mention, the book does have a religious leaning, as Dr. Jen herself is a devout Catholic. This is not something that should put someone off at all as it is not done with a heavy hand and the information is something that you can assimilate within your own belief set, no matter what that be. The whole book has a tone of empowerment through practice and through knowledge and Dr. Jen’s approach is very educational and uplifting.

Jen provides great tips on what to eat, how to eat, how to prepare veggies and fruit so that you can learn to truly enjoy them on a daily basis. She also provides snack and recipe ideas as well as a sample menu.

She goes further with how to polish your mindset for continuing and thriving success. But, some of my favorite things in the book are the resources and the education she gives, particularly about some things found in many common foods that are hidden in plain sight and are not only chemically increasing our appetite, they could also be making us sick.

I was shocked and now I have begun to shop differently and more wisely. You won’t believe it. This is something that we all thought we had banished from our diets long ago – not so. It’s just taken on a new name. Dr. Jen shares about this on page 62 of her book. This data alone is worth the read and a topic for a future post I will be sharing.

I highly recommend Dr. Jen’s Dip Diet. It has changed the way I look at food and how I eat now. I’m shopping better and eating better because of it.

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