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MintPear Beauty

Recently I wrote about how to get and maintain clearer skin naturally. I mentioned that I would soon be sharing a couple of my favorite beauty basics. I’ve been doing a bit of research on make-up brushes and recently, I discovered MintPear Beauty and I just love them for my make-up regimen.

For application, I use MintPear Beauty brushes. They are vegan (read: no animals harmed) which means that they are a lot safer for you health-wise. Not only do animal hair brushes present a moral dilemma, but since animal hair is more porous, it tends to trap more dirt, oil and bacteria, not something you want swept across your face every day!

I love MintPear Flat Top Kabuki Brush for my powder foundation because it is soft enough to work extremely well on facial skin but stiff enough to hold up to foundation application for an even distribution and smooth-looking finish.

The Brow Duo Brush I use every day as well. I love a nice brow and mine, while full, can always use a bit of brow powder to shape and fill out any patchy spots. Plus, I notice that when I don’t do my brows, my eyes don’t pop like they should. Defining them is like an instant eye lift. I love it!

MintPear Beauty Blender

MintPear Beauty Blender

I also just love their beauty blender. I’ve been blending my liquid foundation for so long with my fingers and have been dying to try a beauty blender. Well, I finally took the plunge and was so glad I did. It works so much better than the absorbent sponge wedge I’d been using which seemed to just suck up all my expensive make-up. I can’t imagine how much I’ve wasted that way and how much money that adds up to. The MintPear Beauty Blender was less than $15 on Amazon which I know will save me money over time.

All the MintPear brushes and make-up tools are also extremely affordable and Rita Al Musa who co-owns the brand is a Master Esthetician and but puts out the most helpful DIY make-up videos. I myself not being completely well-versed in make-up application, find these videos to be so enlightening!

All in all, a healthy you is not just about what you put on the inside but what you use on the outside and how you feel about your purchases and your daily routines. My make-up routine has improved with MintPear and I feel good purchasing knowing that these brushes are cruelty-free and much more sanitary, making you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

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Stay beautiful and live life dynamically!

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