SpiceCrafts Grinder Replacement

Learn how to quickly replace the center grinder on your SpiceCrafts salt and pepper mill.


1. Remove both of the end caps from your SpiceCrafts.
2. Unscrew the black wing nut by turning counter clockwise.
3. The old grinder should simply pop or fall out. If you have any trouble, gently turn the SpiceCrafts upside-down and tap the end onto a hard surface to shake the grinder loose. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOSE THE SPRING.
4. Remove the small black plastic washer from inside of the old grinder.
5. Insert the plastic washer into your new grinder.
6. Place the new grinder onto the metal post.
7. Gently screw the wing nut back on. If it gets tight and difficult to turn, that is fine. It is just forcing the plastic washer into place.
8. Adjust the wing nut to your desired grind.
9. Fill and enjoy!

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Ari Cohen


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